Investment Strategy

Strategic Verticals

We invest in strategic verticals which revolve around the full life cycle of a woman, focusing on consumption, services, content and fintech.

Teja Ventures focuses on the consumption needs revolving around the full life cycle of a woman.
Women are driving new forms of consumption of goods and services such as new retail, social commerce, content driven commerce and the general trend of consumption upgrade.

Geographical Arbitrage

We leverage China insights on investment and technology in investing across Asia

· Untapped opportunities in key consumer
· VC funding gaps
· Maturity of tech ecosystem lags behind China by 5-10 years, potential to duplicate
successful business models
· Positioning for strategic investment or
Support internationalization
strategy Access to new
Strategic Investment
Business Partnerships
China market access
· Saturated domestic consumer market and desire to expand overseas
· Difficulty in localization
· Outbound capital looking for strategic
· Mature technology and business models
· Low cost manufacturing base

Platform Play

We leverage the synergies between our portfolio companies in an overall ecosystem play in respect of the She Economy.